This is what we stand for. You can trust us.

When we collaborate on a project, we focus on practised values and expert know-how. You will reach your goal with us. Consulting, planning, implementation, and testing – we do it all for you.


Every step is followed by the next. Therefore it is vitally important to meet agreed deadlines.

You can trust, we will meet them.


A question comes up and needs to be answered. As your project partner we are always available for you.

You can trust us, we listen to you.

Honest and competent opinions

Rely on our competent standpoint during the different phases of your project, as it supports your project’s implementation.

You can trust us, it’s worth it.


No matter in which country your project will be realised, we know the guidelines, laws, and provisions. 

You can trust us, we take care of it.

Professional quality

Precise, correct, committed – this is how consulting, planning, implementation, and testing must be done.

You can trust us, we put much emphasis on workmanship.


Flexibility is vitally important for your project. We are a flexible team and we accompany you along the way.

You can trust us, we can do this.

An overview of our services


Our qualified consulting services with know-how from various areas of expertise is our basis to set up construction projects solidly. What is your vision, what do you need to implement it and what exactly needs to be realised? Whether it is a building, road, or tunnel–we adhere to the respective applicable provisions, regulations, and laws. We deliver feasible solutions for you. 


The concept is the foundation

After the consulting phase we prepare your concept. It comprises plans, drawings or reports for various providers. It shows clearly what is possible, what needs to be done and how the project can actually be implemented.


Feasibility tests and analyses

Feasibility studies analyse the concept’s solutions. We check if the asset complies with the statutory framework in its planned form. We also check if it can be realised, based on the respective existing conditions. What is feasible and what will you get for your budget? 


Your benefits:

  • Transparent processes

  • Identification of optimal solutions

  • Minimisation of risks

  • Prevention of unprofitable investments


Planning follows consulting. The different design stages contain comprehensive know-how in every single professional discipline. As soon as the client approves the concept, the planning begins­ in compliance with guidelines and applicable laws. Now we add technology and science to the mix, which we always include in our planning works.


We provide the following planning services:

  • Design planning
  • Submission planning

  • Detailed planning

  • Tenders and tender planning

  • Tender vetting

  • General planning

  • Implementation planning


One thing is certain: Planning has a significant impact on the next phase–implementation.


In short, all these tasks are about project management, project control, and project-specific engineering services to achieve the goals of your project. In many cases, various experts are involved – sometimes just a few but, at times, there can be quite a lot of them. The progress of your project may become quite complex and can include appointment coordination and ordering services from different experts or contractors. This is where we ensure the smoothest possible work processes with constant communication. Furthermore, we can properly evaluate technical challenges and overcome them competently.


As-built documentation

An important factor for success after the completion of a construction project is a complete as-built documentation. It documents exactly how it was built and what was actually built.


Our implementation services include the following:

  • Project management

  • Project control

  • Appointment coordination

  • Requesting services

  • Preparation of as-built documentations


Testing is all about project quality. Benefit from our services.


We test your:

  • Plans

  • Reports

  • Documents

  • Concepts

  • Systems

  • Technologies

  • Devices

  • Installations and

  • Facilities


Local construction supervision (ÖBA):

With our local construction supervision services, we identify possible deviations early on and can counteract expertly. Local construction supervision is the interface between client and contractor during the realisation phase. ÖBA ensures that construction works are implemented as specified in the tender–with the right materials, with appropriate quality and at the appointed date.


Accompanying supervision

When a construction project exceeds a certain scope, it makes sense for clients to use the support of accompanying supervision services. Accompanying supervision is an independent entity and reports directly to project operator.


We also take you through all the steps of official procedures

We accompany you with our expert know-how and walk you through official procedures to ensure that you get the necessary permits. We know the mandatory guidelines, EU-standards, and specifications with which your project has to comply. We also handle submissions and assist you in preparing documents and plans.